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Orgachim team

Orgachim through the eyes of

Our team of professionals

Mr. Nikolay Nikolov, Deputy CEO
“We are not just selling paints and varnishes on the market. We are offering comprehensive architectural and building solutions. We make sure that we deliver excellent quality service on a daily basis to our customers and that they see us as a recognized partner and preferred supplier.”
Mrs. Cheresha Zaharieva, Research and Development Manager
“For me personally, “Orgachim” is a desirable place to work, conveying so many colourful emotions and interactions with real people, facing serious challenges and offering real conditions for undertaking research and development activity”.
Mrs. Galya Ivanova, Construction Business Coordinator
“I had accepted the challenge of “Orgachim”. Now, more than 10 years later, I would identify the Company as a kind of a business school. I also found friends here!”
Mr. Yordan Prashtakov, National Sales Manager
“I am glad to be part of this big family of Orgachim. I am impressed by the dynamic work environment, the atmosphere of mutual assistance and support, being surrounded by competent co-workers always ready to share best practices and experiences.”
Mrs. Mariya Aleksandrova, Projects Manager
“I am happy to have chosen “Orgachim” for my professional development even before my graduation, because I see how we transform our situations and convert challenges into opportunities in practice with willingness and joint efforts.”
Mrs. Stanka Petrova, Sales Technologist
“More than 40 years ago, immediately after graduating from the College of Chemistry, I took a job at Orgachim. The Company became my second family. Here, I found friends, companions, teachers who showed me my way in life and profession.”