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Who We Are

Mrs. Irina Mandoiu, CEO of Policolor-Orgachim Group:

“Orgachim is a Company that enables many young people to explore the world of chemistry and contribute to the development of the chemical industry in the region. We are motivated to open new markets and make innovations, relying on a young team of professionals, chemical engineers and research and development laboratories.

Our integrated production systems give our business the opportunities for rapid growth and adaptability, offering the best market solutions – from the manufacturing of raw materials to the manufacturing of finished goods. This is our great advantage.“

Bulgarian company

with heritage in manufacturing

We are one of the Southeast Europe’s largest and best-equipped chemical companies, having a long history in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals and coatings. We have advanced industrial facilities and devote significant resources towards the diversification into new and more sophisticated products in compliance with the standards on safety, environmental and public health protection. We are leading the chemical industry towards continuous development and we are constantly striving to provide added benefit to society.

“Orgachim” brings over 120 years of experience and heritage to the chemical industry. The quality established over the years coupled with our constant desire to improve and to put customers’ needs first, made us to be an unconditional market leader in the manufacturing of paints and varnishes in Bulgaria.

We create colourful home environments through our high-quality products established on the market and offer sustainable construction solutions, long-term protection in the industry and precise shades of colour when it comes to repairing a vehicle.


Policolor-Orgachim Group

The Policolor-Orgachim Group was established in August 1998 after Policolor acquired 51% of the shares of the manufacturer of paints, resins and phthalic anhydride – “Orgachim” AD, Bulgaria. The Company “Orgachim” AD was founded in 1901 and holds a dominant position on the paints market in Bulgaria.

Since 1998, a strong emphasis has been placed on the marketing and sales strategies to develop and support the local brands.

At operational level, the Group’s activities are focused on increasing the production performance, improving the quality of products and streamlining investment costs.

The Group’s global strategy is to become a leader on the market of paints and resins in Southeast Europe, achieving a strong market position at local level and exploring opportunities in the Middle East and Russia.

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Our history

over the years

The Joint-Stock Company “ORGACHIM” was established in 1901. This was the beginning of long years of prosperity, during which the production has experienced economic crises, regional wars and the two World Wars.


On 1 March 1901, a company has been organised and registered with the Trade Register of Ruse by Mr. Albert B. Iskovich with the trade name of “ALBERT B. ISKOVICH” and with legal headquarters in the Town of Ruse. Over the years until 1909, the business has grown and the Company was transformed into a Limited Partnership by merging with the Companies of Israel Levi and Rafael Kamhi. The main activities of the enterprise have been focused towards the manufacturing of paints and shoe polishes.

1911 – 1929

The first production buildings have been constructed of bricks in compliance with the statutory regulations. The Chemical Factory “Imalin” AD Sofia has been acquired. An agreement has been signed with a German Company “Chemische Fabrik Eisendrath” granting the right to manufacture and sell a wide range of shoe polishes, metal cleaning emulsions, floor oils etc. by using the brand names of “Imalin” and “Extralin”. The Company has been re-registered into a Joint Stock Company and became one of the largest companies in the Town of Ruse.


A new synthetic paint has been launched on the market - "Ferrolite against metal corrosion". The Company’s facilities have been further equipped with a lithography, a Boiled Linseed Oil (Varnish) plant, a cellulose division, ground paints and varnishes divisions, a linseed oil mill and a packaging machine.


The Company has been nationalized by the new Communist Government and renamed to “Gavril Genov” Chemical Factory in 1948. The Paint Factory owned by Simon Hirsch has also become part of the State-owed Chemical Factory.


For the first time after World War II, the production has been subject to exports to countries such as Turkey and Egypt. Varnish synthetic resins have been manufactured; alkyd resins have been gradually introduced. New product ranges have been developed – car paints and enamels, electrical insulating varnishes, "Balkid-52" and "Balkid-54" and many more.

1962 – 1982

Workshops have been successively built and put into operation – Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), Hash Acid, Iron Oxide Pigments, Unsaturated Polyester Resins and Phthalic Anhydride. The Boiled Linseed Oil (Varnish) Workshop has been upgraded. A license purchase agreement has been signed with BASF for the implementation of a modern automated process control system. As a result of the production process of phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride was extracted by the waste water and its import was discontinued.


The Company was renamed from "Gavril Genov" to "Orgachim" EOOD – a single owner limited liability company. Two years later, it became a single owner joint-stock company, namely “Orgachim” EAD.


The Company has been privatized and fully managed by the private capital. The majority shareholder being Whitebeam Holdings Limited headquartered in Malta and owned by Policolor, Romania.

2001 – 2007

Trademarks Registration: "Leko", " Hamelekon ", "Emanel", " Mefisto ", " Protecta ", "Interin", "Dekocasa", "Casa Bella", "Spirit", "AQUA" , "Deko Professional", "Blago", "Alutin". The Company has met the requirements in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and has been certified. Commercial structures have been formed in all largest towns of the country. The store network in the country has been gradually equipped with Orgachim’s tinting systems allowing tinting of interior and exterior paints and varnishes.


Important structural changes have been initiated and aimed at the optimization in the field of production, trade and service activities.
The production facilities have been renovated; a new automated production line for water-dispersion paints has been installed, including an automatic filling system.


The appearance of the LEKO Brand has been completely modified.
The idea was to enable the consumers to easily identify the LEKO branded products, to make them more accessible, providing more information in a clear and accurate manner that could be seen at a glance on the packaging.


For the first time in Bulgaria, the Company “ORGACHIM” launched the initiative of the “Colour of the Year” to select the 2016 Colour of the Year - “Neptune”. The purpose of this initiative is to bring together professionals working in different fields related to home designs and urban environments in order to analyse the trends and carefully determine the colour that will dominate in the interior design and architecture over the next year.


The SPIRIT brand has been positioned as a Top Class paints and effective coatings. The interior paints of the luxury brand SPIRIT is designed to emphasize the bright character and personality of those for whom the impeccable style is a must, the strong presence is a timeless state of being, and the success is a natural journey.


The TIMMER brand has been newly launched on the market, specifically designed for the protection and decoration of wooden surfaces. The wide range of high-quality Timmer branded products is aimed at making the whole work process more efficient and the achieved result to be impeccable.


For the first time in Bulgaria, a reality show for professional woodworkers “Timmer Wood Masters” has been hosted entirely online. The best craftsmen competed against each other by creating unique products, following the latest trends.