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Spirit Transformations

About the initiative

Spirit Transformations by Orgachim


The Initiative of Spirit Transformations was launched in 2019 with the ‘Cool Libraries’ Campaign inspired by the idea of ​​transforming school’s gloomy libraries into colourful spaces for reading, talking and lively book meetings. Because we found that when kids observe a love of books it will help them associate reading with pleasure, therefore, we must first provide them with a book room to enter with great curiosity!

3 Spirit Transformations

3 Cool Libraries

Three school libraries have been selected, which old-fashioned and unfriendly appearance needed a complete change to usher in a long-lasting but impressive transformation. Three unique interior projects of Schools ‘Cool Libraries’ of a new modern, functional and cosy type have been created by a team of leading interior studios – ShkafA, Designeritsa and Goev Studio,. The visual artists Arsek and Erase assisted us in the transformation of two boring and grey walls into a real COOL Peace-Of-Art as a result of which the whole space has been vividly transformed with bright and cheerful colours from the Spirit Fine Paints palette.

The old-school furnishing is a thing of the past. The spaces have been provided with innovative interior solutions and completely new furniture, offering the opportunity for solitary and quiet reading, as well as for lively social events and meetings. In two of the school libraries, the floorings have been renovated with Parquet Style. With final decorative accents and details, all three spaces became COOL Libraries, where every kid will feel at home!

This TRANSFORMATION happened because the experience of the kids with the books must be fun! More importantly, as a result of this TRANSFORMATION, we believe that many kids will begin to explore the school libraries as their COOL PLACE instead of an OLD-SCHOOL space. But above this, it is important to talk about the awareness of the need for such a change – to allow the COOL idea and desire for TRANSFORMATION for reaching even more children, parents and schools!