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Orgachim hosted the first “Danube Business Days” 2024

The company welcomed more than 60 business leaders from Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova


Companies from Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova visited Orgachim during the first edition of “Danube Business Days” 2024: “Gateway to Partnerships in Transition”. The initiative was organized by the Belgian-Luxembourg-Romanian-Moldovan Chamber (BEROCC), in cooperation with the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Business Club Bulgaria-Bulgaria-Luxembourg and aims to promote cross-border business relations, explore investment opportunities and facilitate mutual growth.

More than 60 business leaders and experts from the industrial sector met in Ruse to get to know companies from the region.

“We invited companies that are members of the three international business organizations in Ruse, because this city is a place that brings together Bulgarians and Romanians, and Orgachim – as a member of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, are our kind hosts. The idea is for companies that are interested in Bulgaria and Romania to meet with companies that work in our region. The participants in “Danube Business Days” 2024 have a very different profile – from the production sector, services, consulting companies, purely commercial companies that operate on both Bulgarian and Romanian markets” said Gergana Ilieva – Public Relations Manager of BRCCI – Ruse.

The visit to Orgachim was the first item on the business delegation’s busy work program. The company, part of Policolor Orgachim group, is one of the largest employers in Ruse with over 450 employees and a leading manufacturer of paints and coatings in the country.

“Orgachim is a company with a great history in Ruse – it has been producing paints since 1901. Integrated production – from the production of raw materials to the production of finished products – gives us opportunities for rapid growth and adaptation, offering the best on the market. This is our great advantage”, said Irina Mandoiu – Group Executive Director of Policolor-Orgachim.

The group has more than 665 employees, 4 enterprises, more than 6,600 stores that offer its products. Last year, the turnover exceeded 71 million euros.

More than 35,000 tons of paints and more than 20,000 tons of chemical products were produced. Orgachim exports paints and varnishes to more than 30 countries in the world.

The program of “Danube Business Days” 2024 continues with more meetings in the region and formats for rapid networking and familiarization with the potential for cooperation and creating partnerships from the entire Danube region and beyond.

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