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BejaVu – Colour of 2021

Symbolism of BejaVu

Openness to change, fulfilment, hope and optimism for a better life

The colour BejaVu is captured in the gentle shades of beige, its general symbolism being related to the fundamentals, the basis (saturated by all the shades of brown), the calmness and stability. This colour symbolizes our need for peace, resilience, connecting with the Earth – nourishing and enlightening. Should we look more closely at the colours it contains, feelings of optimism and hope (invoked by the yellow colour), of vitality (invoked by the barely touching hues of the red colour), of trust (invoked by the blue colour, almost invisible) will emerge. It emanates an ethereality and light achieved by the milkiness and magic of the white, which is the colour of purity, of prosperity, of faith, of transition (on the edge between the visible and invisible), of the dawn and luck, of wisdom. We hope that BejaVu will bring more balance and calmness to our homes, but also will fill us with optimism and vitality.”

Assoc. Prof. Albena Pavlova, PhD

New Bulgarian University



BejaVu is a colour that fills us with hope. We want to benefit and feel good even in the situation of quarantine or home office. Our reversed soul is seeking a support in the eclecticism, a comfort in the familiar, as if for a moment it goes back in time to experience something good, again… The sensation of “Déjà vu” actually helps us to turn our backs on fears and insecurities over the turbulent year 2020 and step into 2021, which will be a year of hope, of new beginnings in every sense of the word. The play on words for “the eerie sense of having previously experienced a situation or event” combines the need that is common to all trends – to be opened to change, to illuminate ourselves with hope and optimism, to to gain our inspiration on a better life.


BejaVu will help to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in our home

This colour can mix easily, evoking a feeling of warmth and charm

The design of our homes and the furnishings we decorate them with is a way to express an attitude of both ourselves and the people we surround ourselves with. The interior design is one of the best means of self-expression, a tool that brings mood to everyday life, offering a diversity of possibilities to transform our home being revealed by the colour BejaVu – inviting both professionals and amateurs to work with in various combinations.

BejaVu is a new reading of the colour beige being most-liked and popular among Bulgarians, which will inevitably activate the warmth of our memories of something already experienced and, at the same time, it will unlock our confidence and strength to move forward boldly. Beige is one of the best neutrals because it can work with a variety of rooms: kid’s room, living room and even offices, having the ability to make the room look bigger.