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Medara – Colour of 2022

Bright, full of vitality

and energy from nature!

2022 Colour of the Year – Medara is a natural and magnetic shade of orange, which is inspired by the bright colour palette of natural elements found in the Sun, in the orange fruits and vegetables, the autumn forest colours and the bee products. These are the first visual associations with 2022 Colour of the Year, which evokes a strong positive emotion and enhances the sense of sweetness, warmth and energy.

Medara reminds us of the soft and radiant hue of the rising summer sun, which signifies new beginnings and inspires faith, belief and optimism in our lives. Therefore, over the next calendar year, the need of blending this bold and vital colour more and more in the space around us stems quite naturally, taking an essential place in the interior and decoration.

2022 Colour of the Year is directly associated with the invigorating natural freshness and strength of vitamin- and mineral-rich orange citrus fruits and bee products, bringing a huge energizing and immunostimulating infusion. This beneficial effect on mood and tonus makes it an extremely appropriate choice for decorating any room in the interior.

Medara can lend the sense of softness, positiveness and playfulness, the spirit of youth and childhood, of reminiscent of happy moments, of pure joy, freedom and carefreeness. This colour brings us back to the typical vintage style related to the 60’s, which is characterized by diversity, originality and drama.

Medara fills elegantly and harmoniously in the modern interpretation of various interior styles, giving brightness, uniqueness and personality to the space. Medara combines perfectly with the natural colours and materials in the interior, promoting a brighter and organic living, creating a strong connection with nature.

Medara in the living room

what are the most stylish colour combinations

Medara is a way to bring a greater sense of warmth, vitality and presence from the nature, while emphasising on uniqueness and distinctive character, offering a contemporary design to your living room.

In combination with warm brown tonality, Medara enhances the feeling of cosiness, warmth and comfort. In combination with other orange shades, Medara promotes an elegant, friendly and inviting atmosphere. In combination with dark blue, Medara enriches the space with sparkle contrast and dynamics, giving an opportunity to personalize your own individuality and style.

Medara in the kitchen

what are the most stylish colour combinations

2022 Colour of the Year is a way to create a bright and more positive atmosphere when used in the kitchen, to fill the senses with energy and strength at the very beginning of the day.

In combination with turquoise blue and yellow, Medara brings back the vintage fashion in style, opening up a sense of freedom, charm and courage. In combination with white, Medara creates contrast, the main focus in the space being the orange colour. In combination with grey shades, Medara achieves the balance between the warm orange colour and the cold grey colour, adding a sense of elegance, contrast and depth to the space.

Medara in the bedroom

what are the most stylish colour combinations

One of the best ways to bring more light into a bedroom is by choosing this soft and positive colour but it is good to create a sense of calming balance with other deep and saturated colours.

In combination with green and brown, Medara gives the feeling of comfort, warmth and tranquillity. In combination with different shades of blue and green, Medara is a starting point for a more comfortable and harmonious environment in a tropical style.

Medara in the kid's room

what are the most stylish colour combinations

This warm, friendly and youthful colour is actually a great choice for children as it promotes self-confidence, extroversion and autonomy. Medara’s positive energy also calms children and their friends, stimulating communication, cooperation and creativity.

In combination with light yellow tones, Medara is extremely attractive to younger children; it will make the atmosphere in the room bright and sunny. In combination with dark grey and black, Medara is a bold and eye-catching colour, which makes it an interesting and attractive teen’s room choice.