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Organic – Colour of 2019

Symbolism of Organic

It brings tranquility, hope and peace

Organic is a green colour, which is essentially associated with the symbols of growth, development, nature, calmness, hope, peace. The psychological perspective points that it is a function of “sensation” (a perception that refers to the understanding of the real-world). In many cultures, green conveys good luck. Green is associated with the feminine, centripetal and rational forces. Pure green is considered the calmest and most neutral colour possible.

When white and beige is added to green, a lighter, pastel green is created as well as a sense of purity and transience. Its neutrality is enhanced. The symbolic perspective points that this is a soft, soothing, cool shade, without passion and erotic charge, even slightly indifferent.



It is assumed that this is a colour preferred by introverts, by people engaged in individual and serious activities, who take these moments to explore their solitude.

Picking it as the Colour of the Year 2019 describes the need for calmness, prudence, turning towards ourselves and creating a sense of hope, of growth and evolving. It carries a message of peace and environmentally friendly way of life.

Assoc. Prof. Albena Pavlova, PhD, New Bulgarian University

Organic in the Interior

Gives freshness and vitality to the space

Organic is a colour that gives a sense of freshness and tranquillity in our homes, an excellent option that can visually enlarge the room, while promoting creativity, vitality and a healthy lifestyle.

This is a traditional colour that carries a message of peace and harmony, radiates invigorating and optimistic energy.